Dating Advice from Unlikely Sources

I am slowly but surely developing a crush on Ramit Sethi. I mean, c’mon. An intelligent Indian American man with big beautiful eyebrows who wants to teach me to be rich like he is? It’s love.

In a recent post on his blog, he asked his numerous followers how they might use his principles of business and finance to find love. That’s right. Ramit believes that a strategic, entrepreneurial mindset can get you a date. I was skeptical at first. But as his followers came up with example after example of how they’ve adapted what they learned from his programs to their love lives, I had to admit it. This guy might be on to something.

One comment in particular stuck out to me.  A user named Jonathan wrote a detailed response critiquing the notion that everyone had a plan for how to get someone, but no one had a plan for how to keep the person they find. He explained very thoughtfully how he works out, stays focused on his goals and, most importantly, maintains a positive mindset so that he has something to bring to a relationship, whenever it eventually happens. While I was offended by one comment he made about how women don’t “jump on [his] cock,” – Really, dude? You were doing so well up until that point. – I agree with his main argument: the key to success in dating is to have something to offer.

Another cool thing is that if you apply this kind of thinking, you can rip relationship advice from anywhere. I follow Shameless Maya on YouTube and one of her latest videos features some straightforward, no nonsense networking tips. But those concepts can easily be transformed into dating advice. Be genuinely curious about the other person. Find a way to be helpful so you can sneak in some extra quality time. Offer him (or her) something of value. However, Maya’s fourth tip is my personal favorite, and I think it lends new depth and insight into our topic: Get a life.

Having a life gives you something to talk about. Having a life makes you interesting. And interesting people are very attractive. Just like cool stories about sky diving and tattoo shops can lead to better interviews and new connections, they can also make you super freakin’ hot. Now, Shameless is fortunate enough to be beautiful in the traditional sense as well. (I’m not jealous. I’m not. … ) But for the rest of us average folk, authentically upping our hotness factor is not as hard as it seems. Learn to give more than you take, get a few solid hobbies and useful skills, then meet people and trade stories. And there you have it. Easy as that. Get your sexy on, boo.