Forget You and Your Freakin’ Post Grad Analysis, Scooter Magruder!

Have I told you how much I like you, Scooter? Because despite the snarky title, I really do like you. If I wasn’t, like, a billion years older than you, I would date that. (And fellas, notice I said “date that,” not “tap that.” I’m a lady. I have standards.) But as hilarious and cute as you are, you really broke my heart with this video.

Uggggggghhhhh!!!! No, Scooter, no! When I first saw this rant forever ago I was determined to write an angry response proving you wrong and showing you that life after college can be perfectly awesome.  The problem though? You’re kind of right.

After I graduated, I took a lot of jobs that I really didn’t care about. And for a long time, it didn’t bother me. After all, those crummy jobs were paying my bills. I could buy myself things I wanted here and there, and I didn’t have the stress of required reading, tests or group projects. Even my parents were proud of me! I was a responsible adult, just like they’d always dreamed.

In Fact, College Wasn’t the Best Time of My Life

Actually, Magrutes, if we’re being brutally honest, the best time of my life was my first 2-3 years of adulthood after college. I had great friends and we partied multiple times a week, often after a full day’s work. We hung out at each other’s apartments playing cards and drinking literally all day on the weekends, and we even went on lavish vacations that I couldn’t afford I will never forget.

We’ve all since grown apart, but the lesson of that time is that all you really need is a pack of badass friends who like the same stuff you do, and who are more or less on the same level as you.  If you have that, life after college can be brilliant. You can even enjoy getting late twenties (and early thirties?) old together. … That is until everyone gets married and has kids. (#MFAM, anyone?)

Some “Grown Man” Stuff (Which You Might Like, Scooter … Since You Are One and All)

There’s also the “attitude is everything” approach. A have a couple of way-too-wise-for-their-age friends who don’t miss their college days or their early twenties at all. They have more of a “best is yet to come” mindset, and they are really happy with the women they are now.  One in particular is always reminding me how sad it is that we make the college experience and the singlehood thereafter the apex of our lives as fun adults. I mean, really? The most fun you have in your WHOLE life is between the ages of 20 and 30? And then you (unfortunately) keep living for another, like, 50 years? Really?!? That’s depressing.

Plus, as previously mentioned, in that 25 ish to forever span, most people get married and have kids.  Personally, I don’t want to have children, but I would imagine that if you choose that path (as most people do), you have to find the fun in family life. (Case Study: these people at Christmas.) Otherwise why have a family? And for all the people like me who just want to work and spend time with their friends and loved ones? Once you’re making the money that you want to make, you can live as adventurously (or as quietly) as you like. The options are truly endless, and that is the beauty of adulthood. The power of choice.

But You Are Spot On About Passion

Passion is key. And life is too short to spend 40 hours a week at a job you feel “meh” about. (Or worse.) That is why I eventually ended up quitting my job so that I could follow my passion: Writing. Writing any and everything I can imagine. It’s what I love to do, and it will make me stable money one day. Check back in a year or two and ask me how I’m doing. 😉

Honestly, I believe that those first few years after college were just the best time of my life so far. I’m staying optimistic about future fun. And who knows? Maybe one day the education system will teach kids things that are actually valuable to the reality of being an adult. Until then, keep making videos, man. You’re the coolest.



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