Wildflower Pastiche Brings New Voice to Blogoshpere, Seeks Readers

When you begin blogging on WordPress.com, the site gifts you a with a complimentary first post entitled “Hello, World!” How, clever! I thought when I read it. And how appropriate. In my 30 minutes of pre–research into blogging – yes, geek that I am, I looked up who blogs, how to blog, etc…don’t judge me – one blogger stated confidently that the first post is paramount, as it establishes your audience and your point of view. Really? Seriously? I thought I was just writing some stuff about my life like everybody else. Thanks for the pressure.

In any case, I have to admit to myself that creating some kind of image of my online presence was a fairly good idea. So here I am, doing exactly that.

Let’s begin with my blog’s name. Wildflower Pastiche.  I have been told that I march to the beat of my own drum and have been called a free spirit many times. But my favorite variation on this theme came from a dear friend of mine who once spontaneously nicknamed me, “Wildflower.” I kind of look up to this particular friend because she’s naturally graceful and wise, so to be blessed with such a beautiful and accurate moniker made my day. In fact, it’s pretty much the best nickname I’ve ever had, so henceforth I shall claim it proudly. Lol. Pastiche is the artsy fartsy word for “collage.” (Like, instead of jamming a bunch of pictures together to make bigger picture, pastiche is when you take different literary works or genres and cram them together to make a new genre, or when you take different pieces of music and  put them together to make a new musical work. Hmm is that crookery or creativity?… Depends on how good the pastiche turns out, I guess. Maybe we should ask the current hip hop generation.) I think of my life as a collage, a hodge-podge of a few random things here and there. And at this particular point in my life as I enter *ahem* my bigger twenties – I refuse to say, “late” –  I am acutely aware of how each thing I choose creates the picture of me. But I am so, so very excited to be creating that picture. This power to choose is the upside of adulthood. The door is finally wide open, and we are free to do whatever we want. That’s actually kinda cool when you think about it. Who knew?

As for the rest of my blog? Well, I would say expect a little more of the same. A little philosophy, a little humor (Maybe? Yes? I hope you at least smiled), maybe some social commentary, and some unnecessary and possibly pretentious teaching funneled through the lens of some sort of topic of the day… or week… or….something. Also I’m single, and it’s been driving me crazy of late-an unfortunate by product of the la…I mean big twenties- so there’ll be a lot of theorizing about relationships. Some whining too. Lol. My hope is that you will read along with me as I sculpt my adult life and reinvent myself, comment, and encourage a friend or two to click through. Thanks for reading. See you again soon.

~Wildflower Pastiche


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